Application Preparation

We prepare and prosecute patent applications in many different technical arts. We specialize in software for the telecom and medical industries. Our hardware expertise includes catheters, telecom device and systems and computer peripherals. We also handle various mechanical and Electro-mechanical devices and software for such devices. We have years of International Patent experience for worldwide protection of your valuable IP.

Key Benefits
  • Our prompt, professional representation enables you to do what you do best…further your business goals.
  • Our experienced staff’s preparation and prosecution ensures consistent follow up and timely application approval.
  • Our long record of successful international practice and application ensures, the best possible service and personal attention to your specialized needs.



Our litigation experience includes patents, trademarks, copyrights. We have also been heavily involved in various domain name cases. We are currently litigating cases in California and Utah and the subject matter includes patent, trademarks and domain names.

Key Benefits
  • Knowledgeable and comprehensive protection against domain name disputes.
  • Aggressive and comprehensive litigation against those infringing your patent.
  • Protection against false claims of patent, trademark or copyright infringement.



We have been involved with licensing since the beginning of the firm in 1986. Our negotiating experience extends over twenty years. We prepare the agreement as well as do the negotiations with the other side. We practice a form of win-win negotiations that usually results in practical and efficient settlements and licenses and agreements that benefit both sides.

Key Benefits
  • Assisting in negotiating the best possible agreement for your intellectual property.
  • Provide efficient and effective service in negotiating to buy or sell intellectual property
  • Personal service tailored to meet your licensing and negotiation needs.